Featured on The Monochromatic Lens

Very happy to report that one of my favorite blogs on the internet, The Monochromatic Lens, was kind enough to feature one of my photos. This blog is a group of 18 photographers that focus on just black and white imagery. I am always having to control my urge to convert to black and white, because it is a very strong urge that can definitely be addicting. Black and white images are so powerful, clear and timeless - and I prefer it in most cases. You can see the post containing my photo on The Monochromatic Lens here http://themonochromaticlens.com/weekly-favorites-928-104/ and below are some of my favorite black and white images from over the past few years.

fam4kari-1lauraandjustin-1-3Bowers Drisko Wedding-166portraits-Miko-BWlocation-DSC0759-BWlocation-BW

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