"Taryn was beyond awesome!

I've been in a lot of weddings and the one dull spot was always the wedding photographer. So many times they don't seem to really gel with the couple nor the wedding party. Taryn was the exact opposite. From the moment I met her, I knew we would gel. I've always been a photographic hobbyist, so I can be a bit picky...she nailed every bit of what we were looking for.

We were a bit 'loose' with what we were looking for in a photographer. A laid back wedding in a square in Savannah was our venue and we wanted to just very loosely take pictures of everyone subsequent to the wedding...nothing formal. Taryn delivered in every way. I winced with pain when she offered to take pictures for our guests with their cameras/phones...she took it all in stride and handled it all as professionally as possible; of course, even the camera phone pictures looked great.

We had intended to only use her for the ceremony and not have a photographer for the reception. This desire quickly changed when we met her and saw her in action.

We live in Atlanta and I wont hesitate to call her for any photography needs in Atlanta or Savannah or anywhere in reasonable proximity. You're a fool if you dont hire her!

Thank you Taryn!!!!"

Wedding: 10/18/2014

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