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South Magazine - "Souths Greatest Photographers" 2013


Taryn Lea Collett

Growing up I knew I wanted to spend my life with my eye behind a camera in some way. After years of working as a professional actress and then graduating college from Georgia Southern University, I began working as the manager and wedding planner for a local salon & spa. This led me to diverting my love for landscape photography to weddings and family portraits.

I have had the opportunity to travel all over the globe and I have met some fascinating individuals.  I have been professionally working as a photographer since 2011 in beautiful Savannah (Tybee Island) Georgia. Tybee is a special place for me, as my grandmother was a well known local artist on the Island, and her work inspired me to start painting at a young age. I am entirely self taught, and owe all of my success to both of my grandmothers who have inspired and believed in me as well as my husband who bought me my first digital camera and made sure I followed my heart.

I was honored to be voted one of the Souths' Greatest Photographers by South Magazine in 2013. I have also been featured in Connect Savannah. When not shooting portraits or weddings, I enjoy photographing Savannah's eclectic music scene. Please feel free to email me with any questions or requests!